Pioneering research

While existing models for shaping brand strategy have been concerned with psychology, neuroscience, semiotics and other disciplines and approaches and have been worked in silos, the methodology used in by BRAND AVIATORS™ establishes the links between biology, affective neuroscience, cognitive linguistics, psychology, cultural anthropology, sociology, and philosophy, and uses brand communication decoding, motivational research and client workshops to reach depths of motivation not accessible to conventional consumer research.

We have consistently applied this multidisciplinary approach, in deconstructing the motives for buying and consuming more than 70 universal categories of consumer goods, and the meaning systems of major global brands in each category. A summary of the findings in 20 categories is included in a book that will be shortly published.

This combined approach pointed en masse to certain patterns and fundamental dispositions. The origins of our actions are much deeper than we often believe. In every one of our actions we confirm our capacity to live. Underlying all our consumer behaviour are fundamental motives - the irreducible, ineradicable dimensions of human nature, the force of which culminates in human life. What we buy, every day, are not just products, but slices of life itself. What we really consume are our own guiding principles and life affirming strategies. We are still, at our core, biological beings programmed to survive and thrive. 


By systematizing the inherent concepts and their causal chains in our mind, BRAND AVIATORS™ can  help marketers navigate the chaotic routes our mind uses to create reality.

All highly successful brands clearly, coherently and consistently express our fundamental human motives, activating them at the deepest layers of their deployment.

In following the pathways our mind uses to create reality and by activating the very forces of life, The Wheel Of Motives™ offers considerable advantages over the brand strategy models used by multinational companies today.

Successful brands are alive: we identify with them and we make them integral parts of our life because the language they use is alive – it is based on life–affirming dispositions and can be shared by all of us .

Brands, like institutions and nations, ultimately rise or fall depending on their ability to satisfy our fundamental human motives. By understanding the way emotions arise we come as close as is possible to engage both the emotions (affect) and the cognition, the hearts and the minds of people. 

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