We are on a mission: to inject emotions back into products.

Neurobiology has confirmed that the brain cannot survive without meaning. Thinking of brands as interchangeable, which are not necessary to provide meaning has led to a sea of sameness, unsatisfied consumers, reduced emphasis on creativity or real innovation and over-dependence on competition through functional features and pricing.

Platforms of new innovation are mainly functional, trying to standardize new product development while the brains of consumers which craving stories are left unsatisfied and further disengaged. Creativity is exhausted in reviewing existing platforms and marginally improving older ideas.

We maintain that mental structures and distinctive assets which do not incarnate the right emotions do not work hard enough to drive purchase motivation. Emotion is the prime motivator of human behavior and the biological mechanism through which decisions are taken. Our everyday actions are far from being trivial. Much of our behavior, though unconscious, is not arbitrary. Our life choices must be justified, our life must add up.

BRAND AVIATORS have worked hard to fuse, for the first time, the advances in many modern scientific disciplines including biology, affective neuroscience, biosemiotics, and evolutionary psychology into a holistic model that boils down into 12 fundamental motives that help us decode human behavior. The measurement of emotions is now a fact not requiring the use of wires. We have categorized thousands of scents, flavors, shapes, sounds, patterns according to their neural impact on the brain.

Armed with this huge body of knowledge we are determined to help professionals inject emotions back into products, in practice, helping to reestablish marketing as a primary creative profession controlling its means, innovation people as really edgy professionals who disrupt the normal science with authentic discoveries and consumers as people with emotions who need to satisfy more than their functional needs.