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Living Brands

Successful brands are alive. They are able to activate the very forces of life because they embed our fundamental human motives, the evolutionarily preserved mechanisms that have helped us survive and thrive. Our fundamental human motives shape the language that is shared by everyone. Living Brands decodes this language and helps marketers, consumer insight managers, advertisers, designers, PR professionals, and brand owners bring brands to life.


By using, for the first time, a multidisciplinary approach that includes client workshops, brand communication decoding, motivational research, cultural anthropology, sociology, philosophy, psychology, cognitive science, and affective neuroscience, Living Brands deconstructs and hierarchises the motives underpinning our consumer behaviour, allowing practitioners to build narratives that engage consumers at a profound human level.


Praise for Living Brands

“Living Brands has introduced, for the first time, an application of biology and neuroscience right into the heart of brand strategy and positioning, transcending psychology to activate the mechanisms through which human emotions are induced. Packed full with examples of the application of this ground-breaking approach in as many as 20 product categories, Living Brands can assist marketers in generating breakthrough ideas for brand positioning and creative development that activate the inherent concepts in our brains, impacting the way emotions and habits are developed.”

Jit Papneja, Global Insights & Analytics Leader,Multiple Fortune 100 CPG Companies

“Living Brands is a fabulous attempt, written with clarity, attention to detail and inspiration, to associate any successful commercial branding with behavioural traits the consumers possess. These traits are rooted in the psychological and neurophysiological interface creating strong predispositions that guide preferences. Pantidos is unveiling an important sequence of mechanisms that underdetermine choice and firm practice. Successful strategy and tactics will stand to gain a lot if they actively engage Pantidos results and intuitions when reforming a firm’s product design and marketing. Its intriguing nature, its powerful message and its well-organised structure make it a very interesting and compelling reading.”

George Bitsakakis, Official Fellow & Director of Studies inEconomics, St Benet’s Hall, Oxford University

“Today we know that neurobiological reactions to external stimuli drive people’s preferences, actions and emotions or, in simple words, people’s behaviour. Living Brands leverages multidisciplinary scientific branches with the support of the top world research institutes, ultimately culminating into a wheel of motives. While individual preferences and trends can quickly evolve, human motives have deep roots and provide a longer, solid base for the establishment of corporate vision and strategies… it is a must read and explore approach.”

Dr. Paolo Arancio, Global Head of StrategicInnovation Partnership, Nestlé Skin Health

“Living Brands is, simultaneously, deeply unsettling and deeply reassuring. The book effectively breaks established models on brand thinking. By rooting human behaviour in the more predictable neurological reaction, Constantinos Pantidos unshackles brands from the tyranny of narrow psychographic segments and salami-sliced positioning platforms. Must read for anyone invested in creating brands.”

Tanushree Mainrai, Brand & Innovation Head,Coffee Category, Unilever

“Living Brands is a practical and thought provoking book which introduces a unique blend of multidisciplinary diagnostics into how the human brain decodes the world around us, and how we can use this understanding for making our marketing mixes even more efficient.

Kornel Muller, Consumer & Market Insights Director,Unilever Europe

“In his book Living Brands, Pantidos is the first to bring together a plethora of disciplines condensing them into a comprehensive new way of marketing. His book should be of interest to any marketer, wanting to break through today’s clutter.”

Mario Weber, Global Innovation Manager,The Heineken Company


Constantinos Pantidos

Dr. Constantinos Pantidos is the Founder of BRAND AVIATORS™, a brand strategy consultancy that supports some of the world’s top CPG Companies, such as Coca-Cola, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Heineken, L’Oréal and PMI, to build brands. Also a post-graduate university lecturer, Constantinos teaches subjects on strategic marketing and brand management, brand identity design, brand leverage and rejuvenation, consumer behaviour and consumer insights.

Successful brands are alive. They are able to activate the very forces of life because they embed our fundamental human motives, the evolutionarily preserved mechanisms that have helped people survive and thrive.


Living Brands deciphers this source code of human behaviour and helps marketers, consumer insight managers, innovation managers, communications experts, designers, PR professionals, and brand owners bring brands to life.


Living Brands puts forward THE WHEEL OF MOTIVES™, a tool which goes beyond consumer psychology to establish the links between different disciplines and help practitioners create powerful brands and concepts, increase efficiency of consumer touch points, build narratives that engage consumers at a profound human level, and increase the chance of success for new products and new markets.


ISBN: 978-1-911498-797

Publication date: September 2018

Price: £24.99

Format: 234 x 156mm • Paperback • 456pp