The value of brands

People do not just buy products. Integrating functionality with meaning they create the narratives which are necessary for the expression of our very life forces.

Global brands cross languages and cultures and sell virtually undifferentiated products to millions of us around the world. This is only possible by fulfiling the most universal collective representations, basic dispositions and commonalities of human experience, excluding all fortuitous and individual elements from their narratives.

People receive maximum value from narratives that are automatically recognised by the mind and easily classified as evolving parts of our human experience. Concepts act as magnets if we have found them to be of value in our own personal endeavors towards self-organization, towards augmented cognitive effectiveness. As Spinoza intuited, we desire nothing because it is good, but it is good because we desire it. We desire what fits our patterns. 

We are a mosaic of these narrations. In searching for meaning in everything around us we create and express the very core of the consciousness and our self arises. We write onto the brand the story of our own hopes and dreams through our collective participation in the production of its narrative. Successful brands express the very patterns of our psyche.

We do not want to live a half-life. We create devices that allow us to experience the vital aspects of our nature in ideal conditions, which real life does not provide. In this way, successful brands act as pillars of our life.

Ultimately, successful brands help us put our world in order. Giving us the reassurance of seeking and receiving the expected answer as opposed to instability, they contribute to the development of the mind allowing it to focus on solving more complex problems.

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