How can you balance global brand strategy with local brand relevance?

On one side, the brand owner needs to protect and communicate the brand core across the borders, to ensure it conveys the same essence, is recognizable and shares the same distinctive assets.

 But this means that the communication and execution developed centrally could lack cultural fit and consumer relevance in the local markets, and might need to be “localized” to become effective.

Very often, the global strategy platforms don't allow local flexibility in order to leverage local insights and possible local opportunities.

The fundamental role of packaging in building unique consumer experiences

Packaging plays a very important role in shaping distinctive consumer experiences. People do not buy products simply to satisfy functional needs. Products and services satisfy powerful emotions.

The real experience takes place in the consumer’s brain, and it is driven by emotion. Experiencing certain products helps us feel better, project certain values, be inspired, feel in control, be more effective etc. In our brain, the characteristics of the products become our personal characteristics.

The creation of icons

Despite the fact that much of our behaviour is unconscious, it is not arbitrary. Our dreams have substance, they make sense. Our life choices must be justified, our life must add up. Marketing is all about associations, but for associations to work they must be the right ones.


We do not just buy goods or services. By integrating intrinsic functionality with predefined meaning we create and express the master narratives of our lives. Brands are powerful carriers of meaning that allow us to experience our human heritage and put our world in order.

The value of brands

People do not just buy products. Integrating functionality with meaning they create the narratives which are necessary for the expression of our very life forces.

Global brands cross languages and cultures and sell virtually undifferentiated products to millions of us around the world. This is only possible by fulfiling the most universal collective representations, basic dispositions and commonalities of human experience, excluding all fortuitous and individual elements from their narratives.

How to write essay about birds

Constantinos Pantidos

Birds are one of the most fascinating and diverse groups of animals on the planet. From the smallest hummingbird to the mighty eagle, birds come in all shapes and sizes, and can be found in virtually every habitat on Earth. In this article, we will explore the many fascinating aspects of birds and their importance in our world.