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Reconnecting Brands with Humanity through Biological Imperatives

We can’t help biology. All human behavior, including consumer behavior, derives from evolutionarily-preserved motives that helped us survive and thrive.

Every product and service category has its own biological triggers the satisfaction of which give inherent meaning to people, enriching their lives. Brands constructed on these triggers become invincible. We help marketers answer the brand questions such as “What Do I Stand For?”, “What Am I Here for?” rooting the brand in concepts with the appropriate inherent meaning that transcends time and culture.

No consumers are tested, no wires are placed on the brains of people. Only fact-based neuro-algorithms rooted in the advances in biology, neuroscience, psychology and establishing their links to map the category and brand behavior on the brain. It helps the marketer create a territory for the brand within which it is the only appropriate proposition.


An Alliance of Global Leaders 

Creating a unique marketplace for the brand is only the starting point.

We leverage our proprietary BRAND NEURO-LANGUAGE™ tool and data-bases to help marketers implement the brand strategy and create the right neuro-distinctive assets by answering the questions “What Do I Look Like?”, “How Am I recognized?”.

Concepts, sound, scents, colors, materials never exist in isolation. Perception is a multisensory phenomenon. Our senses are designed to function in concert. The brain synthesizes the information it receives from various sensory channels holistically in order to optimize its response. However, with the fragmentation of communication channels and the specialization of the marketing service providers it is not easy to plan holistically. Thus, each medium could undermine the combined effect.  In fact, the brain is designed to spot gaps and inconsistencies. Even a minor dissonance is enough to cause the brain to deselect and ignore the brand.

For this reason, we have formed an alliance of global leaders in fragrances and flavors, sounds and music, packaging materials, colors and typefaces to create consonant symphonies impossible to replicate. All these leaders in their respective fields use the proprietary tools of BRAND AVIATORS™, THE WHEEL OF MOTIVES, THE PATHWAYS OF HUMAN BEHAVIOR™, BRAND NEURO-LANGUAGE™. Working on the same principles as the brain, the alliance builds and expresses concepts with inner structure based on biology that magnify the brand’s message. The individual experiences the same song played through different instruments fine-tuned to the same tone, bringing out the best of each instrument, creating a music that touches our biological cords.




Efficiency Vs Effectiveness

In periods of unprecedented change, striving for higher efficiency when there is a much more effective option available could prove to be detrimental. An incremental approach for improving the existing methodologies cannot accommodate the enormous and rapid changes brought about by discontinuities in the environment.

For businesses, anticipation is key. The more we delay taking action, the higher the investment that will be required to close the gaps with the competitors and accomplish the transition. At some point the amount of investment necessary to catch up will exceed resources. Moving to a new technology almost always appears to be less efficient than staying with the present technology as our human logic and financial theories that come from this cannot estimate the opportunity cost of not moving to the new technology. Today we know that emotions come from neural activity. Thus, going back to biology to establish the pathways of human thought, action and behavior is a one-way process for brands that want to play a leading role in the new era.



We bring together for the first-time brands, people, concepts, products, scents, flavors, colors, sounds etc. composing syntonic symphonies and unbreakable competitive advantages by leveraging the language of the brain. 

who we are

•We are a small, highly specialized team of academics, experts in neurobiology, analytics and brand science.

•We are based in London but work across the globe.

•We only take on missions that we can give the full attention of our A-team; there is no B-team.




why to choose us

  • We use the first integrated tool for unlocking consumer behaviour driven by biology and affective neuroscience
  • Founded on 11 years of academic research
  • Built on analysis of 200 categories of consumer goods and services
  • Applicable across industries
  • Successfully applied by companies such as Coca-Cola, Unilever, Heineken, Philip Morris, L'Oréal, J&J, Lilly and Hyundai
  • Faster: we will complete your brand mission within 3 months
  • Less expensive: affordable even for smaller brands with smaller budgets
  • More scientifically accurate: based on neurobiology not psychology


when to choose us

  • To define more sharply your brands and propel the efficiency of your marketing efforts
  • To stand out in an era of fragmentation
  • To identify white space opportunities even in over-saturated markets
  • To scientifically choose the right words & fonts, scents & flavours, colours & sounds, shapes & materials


Some of the companies with which we have successfully accomplished brand strategy missions

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