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On a mission to inject emotions back into products

At BRAND AVIATORS™ we help clients around the world discover unprecedented concepts or reinterpret existing ones and to then translate them into winning products and communication by combining neurobiogy with biosemiotics in an entirely new and strategic way.

White space opportunities emerge even in highly competitive categories. New aspects of a brand’s personality are identified for the first time.

All consumer touchpoints are neurally leading to an underlying human universal that acts as the North Star, to build an emotional bridge with the consumer.

We are on a mission: to inject emotions back into products. Neurobiology has confirmed that the brain cannot survive without meaning.  Thinking of brands as interchangeable which are not necessary to provide meaning has led to a sea of sameness, unsatisfied consumers, reduced emphasis on creativity or real innovation and over-dependence on competition through functional features and pricing.

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Concepts backed up by neurobiology 

Ingredients, materials, colors, fonts, sounds etc. become the protagonists in the brand’s story. They feel alive by triggering the human values in the brain. Biologically useful cues are intrinsically pleasurable as they have helped us to survive and thrive allowing the right chemicals to be secreted in the brain to motivate purchase. They all come together in a story with biological hierarchies that trigger a call to action, by making people feel good in the moment and motivate them to do something right now.

The resulting secretion of dopamine (the neurotransmitter that boosts activity, optimism and happiness) dramatically shifts the purchasing odds. Such concepts or products outperform those competitors whose rationally or randomly selected cues potentially cancel each other out, and are immediately deselected by the brain. Concepts and their cues should have the same impact at both the rational and unconscious levels.

Assets do not motivate consumers to buy brands. Emotion is the primary source of human motivation.



Escape the clutter

Automatically authenticated by the brain as true and integral parts of the same story, viscerally recognizable and comprehensible cues and concepts make products fly off the shelves and screens, consumers feel more human and communication money works harder.

The principles underlying neurobiological concept and product design are hardwired, consistent across people and cultures and help your brand escape from: 

•Being unnoticed & screened out

•Price and product boundaries

•Place and time

•Target groups & segmentations



We bring together for the first-time brands, people, concepts, products, packaging, scents, flavors, colors, sounds etc. composing syntonic symphonies and unbreakable stories by leveraging the language of the brain. 

who we are

•We are a small, highly specialized team of academics, experts in neurobiology, analytics and brand science.

•We are based in London but work across the globe.

•We only take on missions that we can give the full attention of our A-team; there is no B-team.




why to choose us

  • We use the first integrated tool for unlocking consumer behaviour driven by biology and affective neuroscience
  • Founded on 11 years of academic research
  • Built on analysis of 200 categories of consumer goods and services
  • Applicable across industries
  • Successfully applied by companies such as Coca-Cola, Unilever, Heineken, Philip Morris, L'Oréal, J&J, Lilly and Hyundai
  • Faster: we will complete your brand mission within 3 months
  • Less expensive: affordable even for smaller brands with smaller budgets
  • More scientifically accurate: based on neurobiology not psychology


when to choose us

  • To define more sharply your brands and propel the efficiency of your marketing efforts
  • To stand out in an era of fragmentation
  • To identify white space opportunities even in over-saturated markets
  • To scientifically choose the right words & fonts, scents & flavours, colours & sounds, shapes & materials


Some of the companies with which we have successfully accomplished brand strategy missions

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