unique language of the brand

Source Language™

Capture brand strategy and brand guidelines in clear directions able to activate our fundamental human motives

Powerful strategies require effective articulation. Having built a solid foundation for our brand is a battle half won. The broad strokes of the brand have already been laid out in the previous two steps.

Nonetheless, the present and the future of the brand are not yet mapped out. We still need more & deeper information into the brand in order to draft a promising brand strategy that will carry the brand all the way to lasting success.

What kind of information would that be? Neurobiology guides us into the perceptual corridors of the human mind and helps us pinpoint the visual/verbal/aural/tactile elements that will trigger positive reactions deriving from deep-seated biological imperatives.

As things stand, these elements are currently decided by marketers and ad-persons, often smart and driven, but habitually led astray due to their lack of knowledge of an approach less blind-sighted and random, and certainly less prone to serious mistakes, than the one they currently employ.

Circa 2019, one would have trouble denying that brand building is still an esoteric craft, relying largely on the talent, foresight, vision and experience of the brand mason. It follows that all elements that aim at building a brand are potential misfires, not due to the acceptable degree of risk that comes naturally with every business decision but due to the randomness that reigns over every step of the commonly accepted brand-building methodology.

Hence, every communication theme, music piece, colour, campaign endline, or endorsement person is potentially an accident waiting to happen. Every move is out of focus, subject to the spur-of-the-moment. Improvization of a large number of individuals, each wanting to leave their own imprint on the brand. 

How does Evolutionary Strategy answer to these problems? It does so by formulating the proprietary neuro-language of the brand: a voluminous database including words, colours, odors, sounds, tastes, materials, typefaces, shapes etc, systematized according to their neurobiological impact on the brain, aimed at activating the fundamental neurobiological motives that propel us to be “intuitively” attached to a brand.

Evolutionary Strategy proves, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that it can guide us to give birth, then breed, the perfect brand.