Pioneering research

Our pioneering research into the motives underpinning over 70 global categories of goods and services shows that beneath all the phantasmagoria of global marketing communication lies order and rhythm, the source code of our human behaviour. Underlying all human behaviour are dispositions that have helped us survive and thrive.

We do not consume products or servives. What we really consume are slices of life.

All highly successful brands clearly, coherently and consistently express our fundamental human motives, activating them at the deepest layers of their deployment.

In following the pathways our mind uses to create reality and by activating the very forces of life, The Wheel Of Motives™ offers considerable advantages over the brand strategy models used by multinational companies today.

Successful brands are alive: we identify with them and we make them integral parts of our life because the language they use is alive – it is based on life–affirming dispositions and can be shared by all of us .

Brands, like institutions and nations, ultimately rise or fall depending on their ability to satisfy our fundamental human motives. By understanding the way emotions arise we come as close as is possible to engage both the emotions (affect) and the cognition, the hearts and the minds of people. 

Our mission is to help clients around the world build brands that liberate the very forces of life. Contact us now for a free discovery audit. 

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