Knowing the battlefield

Category Cartography™

Quantify the deepest neurobiological motives of the category 

The product category is the market space where our brands and products live and develop.

It is defined, often arbitrarily, by our need to make sense of a largely anarchic nexus by mitigating its seemingly haphazard fluidity and by pigeonholing its randomly moving core components – the brands.

Marketers have been trying to make sense of the category in which their brands operate for years, spending inordinate sums of money on all kinds of research, ranging from consumer segmentation to consumer profiling, trendwatching predictions and analyses, demographics, psychographics, semiotics etc.

Here are some of the questions that keep all ambitious professionals awake at night:

-how can one gain a true competitive advantage through collecting excessive amounts of scattered –often conflicting, even superficial and ephemeral- data? 

-how can one plan out a solid, coherent -let alone winning- marketing strategy based on subjectively collected and unscientifically analyzed data that often do not amount to a synthesis that justifies the expense in funds and time?

We offer an alternative, one that carries the validity of scientific, neurobiological research. We maintain that a way to mitigate the complexity of the market and correctly decipher the motives that draw consumers to a category – and essentially, these are the exact reasons that keep a category alive and help it flourish- is the what we call Evolutionary Strategy.

We are asking one –and only one- question: What are the core neurobiological motives behind the consumers’ attraction to the category? Why do people keep buying into cars, detergents, ice creams, toothpastes without fail? By keeping it objective, scientific, straightforward and elegant, we aim to cut through the fat and the fog of the existing methodologies and explain with precision what impacts a product category, hence providing the foundations of a winning brand strategy.


•Dramatically increasing prospect base, sales and profit by impacting on the mechanisms which produce the needs, wants &emotions
•Objective-scientific, straightforward methodology



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