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The Wheel Of Motives™

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We bridge current marketing with what really happens in our brain using the first tool that fuses all types of research into one holistic platform of consumer understanding to:

1. Capture and quantify the deepest human motives driving sales and profit in the category

2. Decode the meaning systems competitor brands use within the communication space of the category

3. Decrypt the essence of your brand and imprint it onto the inherent concepts of mind

We relook at categories and brands through the first stratagic tool having an evolutionary foundation and establishing the links bettween the disciplines that study human behaviour. Underlying all behaviour exist human dispositions that made us survive and thrive.


Living Brands, How Biology & Neuroscience Shape Consumer Behaviour

& Brand Desirability, Lid Publishing, London 2018, page 10.


Our pioneering tool THE WHEEL OF MOTIVES™ impacts on the neurophysiological and psychological interface, creating strong predispositions that guide brand preference. It helps to root the brand in the very building blocks of human nature, bypassing commoditization and breaking through any communication clutter.

Underlying all human behaviour are 12 Fundamental Human Motives that have helped us survive and thrive. Establishing the links among many disciplines and approaches THE WHEEL OF MOTIVES™ have captured our Fundamental Human Motives at the deepest levels of the their deployment all the way from their biological necessity and survival value through to the neurosystems they engage in our brain; the cognitive operations and psychological states they activate; the major sociocultural reinforcers they prompt; and the rich hierarchy of inherent concepts they infuse into our everyday life. 

THE WHEEL OF MOTIVES™,  Dr. Constantinos Pantidos:

Living Brands, How Biology & Neuroscience Shape Consumer Behaviour

& Brand Desirability, Lid Publishing, London 2018, page 391.


Living Brands satisfy some profound human motive in a unique way becoming larger than their category, larger than life.

Our Fundamental Human Motives are like bare patterns in any language. An average brand may gain some transitory attractiveness through intuition, improvisation or luck.Living brands infuse the patterns, fertilizing the basic forms, in a very particular way, according to their own genetic codes.

The Wheel Of Motives™  help us go beyond the chaotic world of emotions to reach back to their origins, the way they come into being, and the way they are experienced biologically and psychologically, thus establishing their hierarchies to build the deepest, most subtle, and most relevant narratives with instant appeal. It provides an understanding of the fundamental routes through which emotions arise bringing efficiency, clarity, order and predictability to our strategies. 


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