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Quantify the deepest neurobiological motives of the brand 

The brand is the sentient organism whose natural habitat is the market, at large, and whose micro-habitats are the product category  - or categories - where it belongs according to its functional traits.

It is also the undisputed protagonist, the center of interest in the professional lives of all individuals that operate within the broad confines of their micro- or macro- markets. Brutally put, the brand is the one vehicle that all marketers and ad-persons ride to fame and glory or, more often than not, to gradual decline and to unavoidable oblivion. 

Marketers are trying to exploit the potential of their brands often by fishing blindly in the murky waters of what could be called in a tongue-in-cheek manner “Marketing as it is Practiced by Most Successful  Multinationals 101”: the dumping of excessive amounts of money to all kinds of qualitative and quantitative research, often without a strategic compass, leading to a damning overemphasis on product USPs and other types of functional benefits often blended with an array of biased emotional benefits, all this spearheaded by a consumer targeting based on arbitrary criteria.

The result: the brand ends up being an amalgamation of often contradictory elements that stem from biased research and the –equally biased- opinions of the individuals that comprise the entourage of the brand.  It is common practice to draft brand architectures that change every 2-3 years, turning brands into literal shape-shifters that seem to have come out of The Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Simply put: how can we truly understand what a brand is about?

Evolutionary Strategy maintains that in order to assess –and exploit- the potential of a brand, we must dig up its foundations, “read the guts” of the brand, like modern seers. Neurobiology affords us such an opportunity. How?

Through a rigorous scientific process, we extract the deep neurobiological motives behind the brand’s potential for desirability. Based on these motives, we build the brand in its optimal state, marking its conceptual territory along with the building blocks of its narrative.


•What comes from the guts of the brand leaves a lasting imprint
•Every campaign builds on the previous one
•Leveraging the nucleus of the brand brings commercial success


In the brand audit & brand (re)definition phase we:

  • examine the depth and relevancy of the meaning the brand offers
  • locate the core of the brand based on the fundamental motive(s) it activates
  • mobilise the brand’s core to give a unique answer to what consumers have always wanted from the category


How Biology & Neuroscience Shape Consumer Behaviour & Brand Desirability,

Lid Publishing, London 2018, page 425


Our fundamental human motives are like bare patterns in any language. Successful brands infuse the pattern, fertilising the basic forms, in their unique way, enabling people to experience deep patterns that generate life. 



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