brand enlivenment

Brand Compass™

Give soul to your brand 

In the brand audit & brand (re)definition phase we:

  • examine the depth and relevancy of the meaning the brand offers
  • locate the core of the brand based on the fundamental motive(s) it activates
  • mobilise the brand’s core to give a unique answer to what consumers have always wanted from the category

Our fundamental human motives are like bare patterns in any language. Successful brands infuse the pattern, fertilising the basic forms, in their unique way, enabling people to experience deep patterns that generate life. 

 In-depth interviews and workshops assist our multidisciplinary approach during this phase, and the use of our proprietary tools create a Brand Compass™ which will help us translate the soul of the Brand into actionable ideas.

Our mission is to help clients around the world build brands that liberate the very forces of life. Contact us now for a free discovery audit. 

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