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“Psychology is the driving force behind marketing, advertising and consumer research.” Right? Wrong. The roots of human behaviour lie in biology, not psychology. Concepts that touch everyone are inherent brain concepts. Generate seminal ideas for brand positioning, communication and creative development by following the biological pathways of concepts.

Value to marketers

Leveraging the roots of human behaviour in biology and affective neuroscience can help us:   

  • Re-invent our categories, transferring competition to deeper layers of meaning. 
  • Engage people at the most profound human level placing the human at the very centre of brand strategy.
  • Balance emotions and reality, consistency and flexibility, localization and global performance.
  • Achieve higher efficiency in each and every activity of the brand. 

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Value to consumers

Brands founded on the biological sources of our behaviour: 

  • Help consumers live more fully as humans, enabling them to fulfil their innate roles.
  • Offer universal experiences that don't just satisfy individual needs but the fundamental motives of the species.

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Research & implementation

We are committed to demonstrating the opportunities that exist to revolutionize marketing; - which is still based on psychological models developed many decades ago - through better understanding of the neurobiological origins of our behaviour,

and using this to enrich the lives of millions of people around the world.  The leading brands of the future will be those whose propositions come closest to matching the inherent concepts of our mind. 

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Create seminal  positioning ideas

Marketing and consumer research today are largely based on psychology.  However, the roots of our behaviour lie in biology, not in psychology.

BRAND AVIATORS have developed the first integrated tool for unlocking consumer behaviour driven by biology and affective neuroscience. This tool helps marketers to develop seminal ideas for brand positioning, communication & creative development that activate the inherent concepts in our mind, impacting on the way emotions and habits are formed.

It has been leveraged by such companies as Coca Cola, Unilever, Heineken, Philip Morris, L'Oréal, J&J, Lilly and Hyundai to boost their brands in a variety of situations. As abundant and varied as our emotions are, they all stem from 12 Fundamental Human Motives triggered by equivalent systems and operations in our brain.

Successful brands follow the path of least resistance to our brain: they release a rich hierarchy of ingrained concepts from which all acquired concepts derive.

Follow the neurobiological origins of concepts and the tracks our mind uses to create reality and come up with seminal ideas for brand positioning, communication and creative development.

Use The Wheel of Motives™ to:

1. Capture and quantify the deepest human motives driving sales and profit in the category

2. Decode the meaning systems competitor brands use within the communication space of the category

3. Decrypt the essence of your brand and imprint it onto the inherent concepts of mind

Follow the neurobiological origins of concepts and the tracks our mind uses to create reality and see your brand fly.


Increase brand desirability and profitability

What we call concepts are neural structures that allow us to order and categorise all stimuli around us. Concepts act as magnets only if our mind finds them to be of value in our own personal endeavors towards self-organization, towards living out  the vital parts of our human nature. We derive the maximum value from narratives that are automatically identifiable and viscerally classifiable as evolving parts of our human experience.

As they are inherently gratifying, nature’s incentives for living are spontaneously pursued for their own sake, constituting the most engaging guides to behaviour. Founding their strategy on the forces that have helped us survive, brands engrave their own deep and ineradicable pathways on our brain. Their manifestations become organic ideas with instant appeal. They are so effective because they are directly sourced from our innate needs; they are capable of triggering typically innate behaviour patterns. Increasing their intrinsic attractiveness, acquiring a congruent affective value of their own, brands and their messages, images, and signs, do not just automatically capture attention, they go a long way to creating consumer desire.

The most successful brands go beyond the limits of segmentations, demographics, geographical boundaries, and other artificial devices.  Profits are maximised when we no longer satisfy individual needs but the needs of the species. The brands we worked with to apply the methodology described in this book have outperformed their markets by 28.1% in terms of profit in the five years following our collaboration.



Successful brands are alive

Successful brands make us feel alive because they are alive themselves: they embed our fundamental human motives, the evolutionarily preserved mechanisms that have helped us survive and thrive. What makes concepts and goods alive is the fact that they follow our thought patterns. In thinking of them and consuming them these life forces are released, making us sense our own aliveness. It is a process that allows the life inside a person to flourish. 

Living brands talk the language that is shared by everyone.  Only what is essential and deep can survive the transmission from person to person. Living brands are personal at scale. The language they use is alive because it talks to each one of us personally, inviting the mind to recreate it over again.  

As competition about meaning becomes more and more nuanced, the most efficient brands will be those based on the more subtle, higher order, noblest, richest levels of the complex of the motive and the hierarchy of inherent concepts it generates. Encoding concepts in the same code our mind uses to decode everything around us can bring us as close as possible to engaging the human mind.


Discover your category

(Re)defining Jewelry Brands Through Human Fundamentals
(Re)defining Watch Brands Through Human Fundamentals
(Re)defining Eyewear Brands Through Human Fundamentals
(Re)defining Trainer Brands Through Human Fundamentals
(Re)defining Shoe Brands Through Human Fundamentals
(Re)defining Underwear Brands Through Human Fundamentals
(Re)defining Clothing Brands Through Human Fundamentals
(Re)defining Perfume Brands Through Human Fundamentals
(Re)defining Lipstick Brands Through Human Fundamentals
(Re)defining Makeup Brands Through Human Fundamentals
(Re)defining Shampoo Brands Through Human Fundamentals
(Re)defining Cosmetic Brands Through Human Fundamentals
(Re)defining Fashion Brands Through Human Fundamentals
(Re)defining Male Shaving Brands Through Human Fundamentals
(Re)defining Liquor Brands Through Human Fundamentals
(Re)defining Coffee Brands Through Human Fundamentals
(Re)defining Soft Drink Brands Through Human Fundamentals
(Re)defining Bottled Water Brands Through Human Fundamentals
(Re)defining Chewing Gum Through Human Fundamentals
(Re)defining Ice Cream Brands Through Human Fundamentals
(Re)defining Chocolate Brands Through Human Fundamentals
(Re)defining Confectionery Brands Through Human Fundamentals
(Re)defining Fast Food Brands Through Human Fundamentals
(Re)defining Diet Brands Through Human Fundamentals
(Re)defining Food Brands Through Human Fundamentals
(Re)defining Hamburger Brands Through Human Fundamentals
(Re)defining Cigarette Brands Through Human Fundamentals
(Re)defining Financial Services Brands Through Human Fundamentals
(Re)definIing Mobile Phone Brands Through Human fundamentals
(Re)defining Car Brands Through Human Fundamentals
(Re)defining Technology Brands Through Human Fundamentals
(Re)defining Doll Brands Through Human Fundamentals
(Re)defining Toy Brands Through Human Fundamentals
(Re)defining Pet Food Brands Through Human Fundamentals
(Re)defining Leisure Travel Brands Through Human Fundamentals
(Re)defining Medicine Brands Through Human Fundamentals
(Re)defining Fabric & Home Care Brands Through Human Fundamentals

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